A Look at Pop Muzik Record Label

With the exciting success and development of PopMuzik and its subsidiary labels (DivaMuzik and RapMuzik), and the signing of eight extremely talented local artists, the need to assist many inexperienced artists with publishing and royalties became apparent and Drew decided to expand his newly formed music empire to include PopMuzik Publishing, PM-ampr Artist Management to be able to provide all of his local artists with a one stop record label, audio and video production facility and now publishing and artist management assistance.
Thus PopMuzik Publishing Pty Ltd was born out of the need to be able to provide a reliable trustworthy option for local and international artists to have their creativity protected and represented globally.  PopMuzik Publishing operates out of PopMuzik headquarters on the Gold Coast and Drew has put together what he calls “the most amazing team that any label would be fortunate to have”.  
As well as publish the material he creates with his band Sol Demenseon and his solo writings under AJB, Drew has established an amazing global network with his publishing label.  Once again those Drew worked with many years ago could not resist the opportunity to jump on board and work with Drew on his next venture. After many meetings, and interviews, Drew has signed an agreement with an old friend Peter from Pitch Perfect Publishing and SYNC.  All PopMuzik artist are represented by PopMuzik Publishing and the international arm has a selection of well known and up and coming pop, dance & rap artists who have been looking for a viable option to take on the management of their publishing and in many cases the management of their professional careers.